Ro Seven

Hey! I'm Ro Seven from The Edge Of Reason.

We make emotional and powerful Post-Hardcore music with a pinch of synth sounds.

Since I have to battle my inner demons every single day, it is especially important to us to reach out to those who are struggling with their lives.

In our society we sadly learn that we can only succeed if we constantly push ourselves to be better than the others. At least that's what authorities tell us. Instead of being supportive, we fight against each other to gain some sort of advantage. It's a vicious circle.

As a result, satisfaction and inner balance of the individual are getting more and more out of reach. Mental health issues are overlooked but continue to increase. We hurt ourselves and each other until we get numb and dead inside.

We believe that this could be alleviated if more people become aware of this problem and start being more emphatic and candid.

Music is a great chance to deal with and overcome negative things in life. It holds the power to release negative energy that is bottled up inside and turn it into something positive and beautiful. In this way, music protects people from becoming insane. It's a mechanism of self-defense, just like the sting of a bee – vital and powerful!

Thanks so much for your support and welcome to our TEORfam!

Never Give Up